"Speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue;
but if you mouth it as many of your players do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines."

William Shakespeare


Introducing the three actors, who together make up Choice Voices;


Ben, Helen & James

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Each one of us has built a successful career in the performing arts. We have worked consistently as actors and voice artists, but also have a wide range of additional skills as script writers, script editors, sound editors, sound recordists, producers and directors; our professional experience offers you access to a unique combination of talents and expertise. By collaborating as Choice Voices we are able to bring all of these skills into our workplace, the home recording studio, to ensure an unrivalled quality of performance and production for all kinds of voice recordings at no extra cost to the voice hirer. 

Choosing a voice actor from Choice Voices gives you significant added value. Particularly for complex recordings, we work together ensuring that the person you have chosen to read your script is able to fully concentrate on giving the best possible vocal delivery for your project while being fully supported technically and artistically. Thus we are able to produce voiceover work of the high quality you demand and what's more, because the technical and artistic support is included at no additional charge, we can deliver voice performance to the quality you require at a price you can afford.    

Every member of Choice Voices uses the same rate card when booked individually. If you want a combination of voices for your recording, we offer a discounted rate for clients booking two or more of us to work on the same project if booked at the same time.

More information about our rates, terms and conditions, can be found here.