"Words mean more than what is set down on paper.

It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning".
Maya Angelou


Professional Voiceovers & Narration


our experience speaks for itself

Choice Voices is a unique working partnership between three professional voice talents

Ben Roberts, Helen Lloyd & James Warrior

Our individual voices are available for hire for projects large and small, ranging from on hold and telephony voice prompts to documentary narration and audiobooks. Our added value comes from the professional production and direction that, working as a team, we include as standard for every client; when one of us voices a project, another Choice Voices partner is on hand to take care of the technical aspect of the session,  which enables the voice artist to concentrate fully on 'the read', just as when working in a fully crewed recording studio, ensuring a smooth and accurate delivery for every project in which we are involved. 

Based in the UK, we accept voice projects large and small and from our own studios, work with clients anywhere in the world. We maintain exceptionally high standards and pride ourselves on our ability to produce and deliver consistently high quality voiceovers in all genres, that is accurate, on time and on budget.

The Choice Voices site is currently undergoing a redesign, so please bear with us if things are looking a little strange and there are some bits missing.

All will be revealed shortly!

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